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Land Speed Racing
Todd Dross

Pilot: Todd Dross
Team: Twin Jugs Racing
Primary Bike: 1976 Sportster
Bike Owner: Todd Dross
Primary Race #: 1300
Engine: 1000cc Ironhead
Top LSR Speed: 240.057 (Bike #1101 - Scott Guthrie Racing)

#1300 - Twin Jugs Racing
1976 Ironhead Sportster

2004 - Present

Top Speed this configuration 141.189 MPH

2000 - 2003

Top Speed this configuration 120.481 MPH

Todd's ECTA Records
bike #1300:
M/PBF-1000 136.496 Oct-07 -  
MPS/PF-1000 120.084 Mar-02 - Oct 02
MPS/PG-1000 120.160 Oct-01 - Oct 02
MPS/PBG-1000 120.481 Apr-02 - May 02
MPS/PBG-1000 140.937 May-06 -  
MPS/PBF-1000 112.641 Jul-00 - Oct 02
MPS/PBF-1000 138.336 May-06 -  
APS/PBF-1000 141.189 Oct-07 - May-08 

2007 - Present
#1303 Twin Jugs Racing
2001 Suzuki GSX-R1000

Bike's top speed 186.958 MPH

#1302 - Twin Jugs Racing
2006 Suzuki Hayabusa

2007 - Present

Bike's Top Speed faired with Nitrous 228.038 MPH - Pilot Josh Owen
Todd's Top Speed faired 207.220 MPH

Bike's Top Speed unfaired with Nitrous 202.351 MPH - Pilot Debbie Dross
Todd's ECTA Records
bike #1302:
M/F-1350 191.875 Oct-08 - Oct-08
M/F-1350 195.799 Oct-08 - Apr-09
A/F-1350 193.943 Sep-08

Speed Week August 2009 - Bonneville Salt Flats
#1101 Scott Guthrie Racing
Naked Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo

A different bike 1101 then Loring! Scott had a spare bike on the salt so Todd took it for an unfaired test ride for his first ever pass down the long course at a speed of 196.969.

August 2009 - Loring, Maine
#1101 Scott Guthrie Racing
2000 Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo

Bike's Top Speed: 240.057 - Pilot Todd Dross

Todd's LTA Records
bike #1101:
MPS/BF-3000/4 240.057 Aug-09    
*Earned membership to the LTA 200 MPH club

June 2009
#1-B Purpose Driven Racing
2004 Suzuki Hayabusa Sidecar

Bike's Top Speed: 167.227 - Pilot Tom Schaffer

Todd's ECTA Records
bike #1-B:
SC/F-2000/4 160.685 Jun-09    
SC/G-3001/4 118.01 May-09    

April 2009
#1105 Scott Guthrie Racing
2004 Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo

Bike's Top Speed: To Be Determined!

While performing more data acquisition and tuning passes during the ECTA April 2009 meet Todd recorded his fastest speed to date at 215.081 MPH.
Not bad for a partial throttle shake out pass!

March 2009
#1105 Scott Guthrie Racing
2004 Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo

Todd made a couple data acquisition passes at the Texas Mile during the March 2009 meet. His fastest shake out pass was 206.258 in 4th gear which afforded him with entry into the Texas Mile 200 MPH club!

August 2008
#278 Stainless Steele Racing
2001 Suzuki GSX-R1000

Pictured L-R; Freud, John Gowetski, Todd getting ready to run & Robert "Stainless" Steele (Sr)

At Speed Week 2008 Todd was also given the chance to make a pass on the Stainless Steele Racing 1000cc bike. This bike had been running right at the 200 MPH mark! Todd was hoping for his first 200 MPH run on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Remarkably Stainless II was working towards his 200 mph red hat but still allowed Todd and other team members to make some passes on the bike. Todd managed a pass at 197.546 MPH! Oh so close but still a thrill of a lifetime! After Todd's pass, Jr took another run and also only pulled a 197! With the two 197 runs the team felt the bike was a tad down on power so they stopped to look it over and discovered that the airbox wasn't properly sealed!! Once they had it all sealed up Jr made another series of passes to bump his record once and ultimately set the record at 208.959 MPH for a red hat! What a thrill to be involved with such a top notch team!

August 2008
#214 Seldom Seen Slim
2008 Kawasaki ZX14 (stock)

Nancy & Jon Wennerberg of Seldom Seen Slim Racing helped to fulfill Todd's over 30 year old dream of making a pass down the Bonneville Salt Flats. During Speed Week of 2008 they allowed Todd to run their bike so he could make licensing passes. It was a thrill of a lifetime and when it was all done Todd achieved a top speed of 188.418 MPH on their stock production bike!

#842 Double Busa Racing
2000 Suzuki Hayabusa

Bike's top speed 212.26401 MPH
Todd's ECTA Records
bike #842:
A/BF-2000 186.721 Apr-02 - May-04
A/BG-1350 202.433 May-02 - May-04
APS/BG-3000 207.550 Jun-02 - Jun-03
M/BF-1650 202.520 May-03 - Sep-06
MPS/BG-3000 205.287 May-02 - Oct 02

Todd Dross earned his lifetime membership into the
Maxton 200mph Club at the May 2002 meet!

#1301 - Twin Jugs Racing
1968 Aermacchi Sprint SS 250

Top Speed 82 MPH - Pilot Todd
Todd's ECTA Records
bike #1301:
A/PG-250/4 74.414 Oct-03 - Apr-06

2001 - Present
#566 Lone Eagle Racing
1972 Ironhead Sportster

Bike's ECTA top speed 154.953 MPH
Todd's ECTA Records
bike #566:
MPS/PF-1000 136.429 Oct-03
MPS/PG-1000 138.019 Oct-03 - Jun-07

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