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Land Speed Racing
Debbie Dross

Pilot: Debbie Dross (DahMurf)
Team: Twin Jugs Racing
Primary Bike: 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa
Bike Owner: Debbie Dross
Primary Race #: 1302
Engine: 1300cc
Top LSR Speed: 218.150 (bike #1302, Twin Jugs Racing)

#278 - Stainless Steele Racing
2001 Suzuki GSX-R1000 - A/G-1000

Speed Week August 2009, Bonneville Salt Flats

Special thanks to all the boys of Stainless Steele Racing for allowing me to take a run down the Bonneville Salt Flat's long course during Speed Week 2009! I had a blast running naked through the 4 mile with a top speed of 179.021! I learned a ton on that run & had fun to boot! Thanks a bunch for a most awesome opportunity & ride!!!

#1302 - Twin Jugs Racing
2006 Suzuki Hayabusa

August 2009 - Loring, Maine

Bike's Top Speed faired with Nitrous 228.038 MPH - Pilot Josh Owen

Josh's LTA Records
bike #1302:
APS/F-2000/4 228.038 Aug-09 -  
*Earned membership to the LTA 200 MPH club

August 2009 - Loring, Maine

Debbie's Top Speed faired with Nitrous 218.150 MPH
Debbie's LTA Records
bike #1302:
APS/F-1350/4 218.150 Aug-09 -  
*Earned membership to the LTA 200 MPH club

August 2009 - Loring, Maine

Donna's Top Speed faired with Nitrous 205.039 MPH

Donna's LTA Records
bike #1302:
APS/F-3000/4 181.715 Aug-09 -  
APS/F-3001/4 205.039 Aug-09 -  
*Earned membership to the LTA 200 MPH club

March 2009 Texas Mile meet in Goliad, Tx.

During this meet Debbie made the fastest pass to date on her Nitrous Hayabusa at 209.235 MPH which earned her entry into the Texas Mile 200 MPH Club!

Speed Week August 2008 - Bonneville Salt Flats
#214 - Seldom Seen Slim
2008 Kawasaki ZX14 (stock)

Jon & Nancy Wennerberg of Seldom Seen Slim Racing were gracious enough to allow Debbie to make her very first pass and a few more licensing passes on the Bonneville Salt Flats during Speed Week in 2008! Debbie reached a top speed of 185.194 MPH!

Debbie Dross earned her lifetime membership into the
ECTA 200mph Club at the May 2008 meet in Maxton, NC!

Debbie has done almost all of the modifications, testing, tuning and piloting of the bike. Todd is the fabricator, fine tuner and Debbie's mentor. He also serves as crew chief when he's not piloting this or his own bikes!

Media Coverage:

Conquering 200MPH & Disaster on a Naked Hayabusa - Streetfire.net video

Salt Addiction Women of the Salt by Rocky Robinson for motorcycleusa.com

Life Beyond Portals by Thalia Doukas for the FEPOC Newsletter

May 2008 - Maxton, NC

Bike's Top Speed unfaired "Naked" with Nitrous 202.351 MPH - Pilot Debbie

October 2007- Maxton, NC

Bike's Top Speed Brock pipe 192.447 MPH - Pilot Debbie

March - September 2007 - Maxton, NC

Bike's Top Speed stock pipes 187.926 MPH - Pilot Debbie

Debbie's ECTA Records
bike #1302:
A/F-2000/4 191.709 May-08 - May-08
A/F-3000/4 202.351 May-08 -  

September 2007 - Maxton, NC
#9044 - Ken Presson Racing
2005 Triumph Bonneville

Debbie piloted this bike to its top speed at Maxton of 112.469mph.
Debbie bumped this speed up to 119.290 during the Sept 2010 meet!

September 2007 - Maxton, NC
#9551 - Sea Eagle Racing
2004 Honda Dream 50R

This is the brochure picture of the bike. We don't have a picture of the actual bike used to capture the record.
Debbie's ECTA Record
bike #9551:
P/P-50/4 54.411 Sep-07  

May 2007 - Maxton, NC
#1103 - Scott Guthrie Racing
Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo

Bike's Top Speed 215+ MPH piloted by Scott Guthrie
Debbie's top speed on this bike 212.730 MPH
A giant thanks to Scott & Ellen for the sponsorship, friendship and trust.

October 2006 - Maxton, NC
#1058 - Umphlett/SNART Racing
1986 Suzuki 750

1058 bike pictured with owner Kevin Umphlett
Bike's Top Speed 160.49933 MPH
Debbie's top speed on this bike 153.83564 MPH

2006 - Maxton, NC
#1301 - Twin Jugs Racing
2003 Buell Blast

Bike's Top Speed 97.00576 MPH - Pilot Debbie

2003 - Maxton, NC
#851 - Williams/Lone Eagle Racing
2001 Kawasaki 125cc

Bike's top speed 63.15080 MPH
Debbie's ECTA Records
bike #851:
A/BF-125/4 63.033 Oct-03
A/BG-125/4 62.653 Oct-03
A/F-125/4 62.857 Oct-03
APS/BF-125/4 62.995 Oct-03
APS/BG-125/4 62.543 Oct-03
APS/F-125/4 63.072 Oct-03
APS/G-125/4 62.597 Oct-03
M/BG-125/4 62.349 Oct-03
M/F-125/4 63.146 Oct-03
MPS/BG-125/4 62.579 Oct-03
MPS/F-125/4 63.041 Oct-03

2003 - Maxton, NC
#1301 - Twin Jugs Racing
1968 Aermacchi Sprint SS 250

Bike's Top Speed 82 MPH - Pilot Todd Dross
Debbie's ECTA Records
bike #1301:
A/PF-250 64.923 Sep-03 - Apr-06

The Sprints make the news - click here to read

2002 - 2003 - Maxton, NC
#936 - Twin Jugs Racing
1967 Aermacchi Sprint H 250

Bike's Top LSR Speed 79.50500 MPH
Debbie's ECTA Records
bike #936:
M/PF-250 76.489 Oct-02 - Oct-05

Rosie's ECTA Records
bike #936:
M/PG-250 79.20653 Apr-03 - Oct-05
P/PP-250 79.50500 Jun-03 -

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